Solicita oferta - Travel medical insurance for tourists

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Travel medical insurance for tourists

The object of this insurance is represented by the life or bodily integrity of tourists who travel outside the Romanian territory,in the event of an accident occurrence.

Insured risks

Risks covered by the insurance policy include permanent invalidity(total or partial) or death of the Insured.

Excluded risks

Mental disorders or psychological conditions,suicide or attempted suicide,documents belonging to the Insured under alcohol or drug influence.

Insurance coverage

A maximum insurance amount is established for the risks of permanent invalidity and/or death.

Insurance premium

The insurance premium will be fully paid ,upon signing the policy.


The insurance period is represented by the length of the trip.

Obligations of the Insured

The Insured is obliged to present himself immediately after the accident to a sanitary unit or a doctor to be examined and follow the prescribed treatment.

The Insured must notify the Insurer,directly or through intermediaries,about the occurrence of the insured event,in maximum 72 hours.

Obligations of the Insurer

The Insurance companies are binding theirselves to pay compensations to those entitled ,within 15 days maximum upon receiving complete documentation regarding the loss.

Claim settlement

The insurance company will pay the entire insured amount in case of death or total permanent invalidity following an accident occurred during the policy`s availability.

If permanent invalidity is partial,the Insurer will compensate,within the limit of the insurance coverage for total permanent invalidity an established amount according to the state of invalidity.