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RCA-Civil liability insurance for car owners

The Civil liability insurance for car owners(known as RCA in Romania) is an insurance policy that covers material damages and bodily injuries suffered by parties,following a vehicle accident caused by an insured vehicle driver. RCA is fundamentally different from CASCO insurance,the latter being an optional insurance,covering vehicle damages caused by the Insured,whereas RCA covers damages caused to third parties. Therefore RCA is very important even when the vehicle owner has CASCO insurance for damages and theft.

RCA is fundamentally different from CASCO insurance,the latter being an optional insurance,covering vehicle damages caused by the Insured,whereas RCA covers damages caused to third parties.

Therefore RCA is very important even when the vehicle owner has CASCO insurance for damages and theft.

RCA requirement

All vehicle owners are required to have a civil liability insurance for car owners(RCA).

The purpose of this insurance is that the person who suffered a prejudice of any kind to receive compensation for loss or damages,regardless of the financial situation of the person who caused the damage.This way,the RCA insurance policy meets the interests of the third party who suffered losses,as well as the interests of the person who caused the damage.

If you purchase a vehicle in leasing regime,the obligation of acquiring an RCA insurance policy belongs to the leasing society,which owns the vehicle.

In the event of a second-hand vehicle purchase,the RCA insurance of the initial owners stops in the moment the sale-purchase contract is finalized.

The previous RCA insurance cannot be transmitted to the new car owner.The police does not provide a temporary registration number until the new owner doesn`t prove that he has an RCA insurance.

Closing an RCA insurance policy

You can close an RCA insurance contract with any of the authorised insurance societies.Upon signing the contract and paying the insurance premium ,you will receive an insurance policy which testifies the insurance premium and its availability period(you can choose the availability period -either 6 or 12-months ).

The Insurer`s obligation stops at 00:00 am in the last day mentioned in the policy,therefore it must be taken into consideration that the insurance policy must be renewned upon expiry,by paying the insurance premium for the next period of your option.In the contrary case,you become uninsured,and if you cause an accident within the time when your RCA lost its availability you will be held directly responsible for legal consequences and material damages caused.

The RCA contract ceases in the situation of the vehicle being estranged .It would be preferable that the person selling the vehicle would mention to the buyer that the previous RCA insurance policy expired and a new one is required.

The owner has the right to receive back from the RCA insurer a part of the advance-paid premium of the remaining period untill the insurance expiry.To recover this amount,the former owner must address the insurer and present the sale-purchase contract.

Insurer`s obligation limit

Claim settlements to a third party from the insurance company in an auto accident ,in basis of an RCA insurance policy will not exceed the value of the damages caused,neither the limit of insurance coverage agreed by the Insurer.That means that in the event of the value exceeding the maximum insurance coverage written on the insurance policy,the insurance company is not obliged to cover the difference in order to compensate the full damage.

Two aspects to be taken into consideration would be : the charges available for 2009 were established by the insurance societies,taking into consideration the limit of the insurance coverage for claim settlement and compensations mentioned above,respectively 300.000 EURO for material damage and an equivalent of 1 000 000 /per person in the event of bodily injuries.

Insurance premium payment

Premium charges practiced for the RCA insurance policy offer from one society to another and are announced publicly.

The published charts contain the prices practiced by every insurance company for RCAs within one calendar year,starting from January 1st until the 31st December.

The available charges can be found within the offers from the insurance companies for two consecutive years,taking into account the fact that,in the situation that the insurance policy is finalized during the first year and the Insured chooses a 12-month period policy,the insurance will also cover a period from the second year.

Payment can be made with OP(order of payment) directly to the Insurer`s account or with cash.

Damage occurrence

In event of an accident,both participants must complete a fact-finding form at the police station.Upon completing this form,it is highly recommended to pay attention at recounting how the events happened exactly.The person held responsible will be determined by the police based on the exact description of the events.

If you are the one who suffered losses ,you must address the person responsible for causing the event,along with the examination report from the police and a copy of the RCA insurance from the person who caused the accident.

In the event that the person responsible for causing you damages doesn`t detain a CASCO Insurance

Best conditions for CASCO Insurance

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CASCO gives the owner vehicle insurance protection (for cars,utility cars,buses,trucks,attachments,etc) in case of an event occurrence such as :accident,collision,scratch,total or partial theft (of vehicle components) as well as damages caused by attemptive theft(for example:broken windows,deterioration of component parts).

CASCO insurance can be closed only for risks stipulated by contract,with excess payment,exclusions,extensions and special clauses foreseen in the contract and in the insurance supplements.

Insured risks

The insurance company will settle claims,in limit of the insurance coverage to the Insurer or the assigned Beneficiary,for the following risks:

In the event you choose to not make an RCA insurance policy

In case you do not make an RCA insurance policy for the vehicle you own or you do not continuously maintain the availability of your RCA policy,by paying the insurance premiums accordingly,as an uninsured person,you may be fined with the sum of 1000 RON,up to 2000 RON and your registration certificate may be retained until presenting an available document which certifies the existence of an insurance policy,the infringement following to be classified by the police.

Legally,a vehicle with a suspended registration number cannot be used on public roads,in contrary case the owner may be fined between 3000 and 5000 RON.

In the event of an accident being caused and the person responsible doesn` t hold an available RCA policy,the injured person is entitled to demand compensation either directly from the uninsured vehicle owner(amiably or following a court order),either indirectly(from the beginning of 2005),by addressing the Victims of the Street Protection Fund (who is entitled to receive the compensation paid to the injured third party).

In order to prove you have an available RCA insurance policy you will have to show the authorities the insurance policy and the document that ceritifies the last insurance premium payment(receipt or OP certified by the bank).These documents must permanently be in your possession ,due to the fact thatthey can be solicited anytime by the authorities.

The documents mentioned above (the policy and receipt /OP) are necessary at the vehicle`s registry into circulation,when the registration number is changed and for the periodical technic inspection.

Through the implementation of the unique registration informative system for RCA insurance holders,the Insurers are able to keep track of the exact situation of all the insurance contracts and insurance premium payments that will be compared to the situation of the registered vehicles,creating a complete list of the vehicles that don`t own an RCA insurance.

The Green Card Insurance

The Green Card Insurance is a civil liability insurance for car owners available only outside the Romanian territory.Based on this insurance,compensations are granted for charges the Insured is obliged to pay for damaged goods or bodily injuries following traffic accidents occurred outside Romania.Also,compensations are granted for eventual costs supported by the Insured in a civil lawsuit.


The Green Card Insurance policy can be closed by physical or legal persons,owners of vehicles registered in Romania.The civil liability insurance for car owners outside the Romanian territory(Green Card) is mandatory for all vehicles crossing the Romanian boarder for personal purpose,or business interest.Starting January 2007,the civil liability insurance for car owners(RCA) includes not only coverage of specifified risks within our country`s territory,but also expands the availability area for all countries in the European Union.However,this doesn`t eliminate the Insured`s obligation of proving ,when travelling with the vehicle to another country, of a Green Card Insurance.

Risks covered by the Green Card Insurance policy

Asigurarea 'Carte Verde' acopera prejudiciile de care asiguratul sau persoanele cuprinse in asigurare raspund fata de terte persoane pagubite prin accidente de autovehicule care au loc pe teritoriul tarilor mentionate in documentul international de asigurare "Carte Verde".


In the event of the covered risks occurance,compensations will be made for:

  • debts to third parties:bodily injuries and decease,as well as damage or destruction of goods in an accident caused by the insured vehicle;
  • expenses supported by the Insured in the civil lawsuit,if the Insured was obliged to pay compensations.

Insurance availabilityi

Insurance is available within the territories of the countries mentioned in the International Green Card insurance document,established by the signing of the international BAAR convention.This type of insurance is made for a defined time period.

The insurance has no coverage limit.