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Presenting Lion Broker

In these economically and socially uncertain times,Lion Broker offers you the safety and confidence you need and deserve.

Our team of professionials is ready to help you find the most convenient insurance plan and explore a wide range of options to face the risks you are confronting,providing high-standard quality services.

Why should you choose Lion Broker?

Each individual matters to us,either a director,employee or student.We can help you obtain the best offer,personalized according to your needs and demands and we will negotiate the most advantageous conditions with our partners.We will keep tracking your insurance contracts even after they`ve been concluded,to ensure you that the terms and conditions have been respected.

The occurance of an ignored risk attracts much bigger financial loss than transferring it to an insurance company.

Affordable prices

The price you will pay for an insurance contract with us is the maximum price you would pay by approaching directly an insurance company,due to the fact we are rewarded with commission by insurance companies.Therefore,you receive specialised consulting without any extra fee.

Our principle when involved in a collaboration is satisfying every customer.If any problem occurred or you are not pleased with our services,feel free to contact us anytime and we will effectively remedy the situation in the shortest time possible.

Our team

Providing quality services requires an attitude oriented towards quality from a team of professionals.Our consultants have a vast knowledge (including detailed and updated informations) regarding the insurance market and will offer you the best insurance choice which will fit the interests of the object of your insurance accordingly.

We will represent you,as specialists,in your relationship with the insurance company.Our significant role will consist in negotiating the insurance conditions assuring the terms of contract will be in your favour,especially in delicate circumstances(insurance exclusions and ex-gratia payment)

Thank you for choosing Lion Broker!
Va suntem alaturi pentru o colaborare eficienta si siguranta viitorului dumneavoastra.
Fair-play award

The National Union of Insurance Brokerage(UNSICAR) organised,on the 14th December 2014,The UNSICAR Awards Gala,the event being attended by insurance market representatives and others.
At this event,as recognisition of the professionalism shown in relationships with partners,as well as other players from the insurance market,Lion Broker received the Fair-play Award,following the insurance societies` votes.

Lion Broker celebrates 10 years of activity

To celebrate a decade of activity,the Lion Broker Team reunited in a relaxing environment,in Doftana Valley,at the end of June 2015,where they thanked each other for their efforts through the years,which led to their present performances.

Since 2015,when our company`s activity started,Lion Broker has been permanently developing and growing(activity-wise and team-wise),diversifying its product portfolio and increasing its customer portfolio,reaching a turnover figure of 119 776 LEI in the first eight months of 2005,with a volume of intermediate insurance premiums worth 15 000 000 LEI in 2014,distinguishing themselves among the first profile brokers in the city of Constanta.

Comparing to the beginnings of 2005.when we had brokerage contracts signed with around ten insurance companies,in 2015 we have over 30 brokerage contracts with Romanian insurers as well as foreign insurers from the United Kingdom,Belgium and Holland.The team extended from 4 employees at the Constanta city office to over 20 employees(in Constanta and the capital city of Romania,Bucharest),having collaborators all over the country.